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Apr 11, 2007 ... ran across the article below and just started thinking. [IMG] Gold Magic Systems: A very inexpensive hot stamp machine, new Appr. $550 and... Custom Hot Stamped Poker Chips | H ot Stamped Poker Chips are the most affordable custom poker chips we offer. Hot Stamping is a process of heating foil and applying your custom idea to the ...

Fabulous Suited 11.5 Gram Poker Chips | AmericanGamingSupply Get fabulous Suited Poker Chips from AmericanGamingSupply. There are suits around the chip and detail spots on the edge of chip which add to great appearance. BUYING A HOT STAMP MACHINE - As such, it is not intended to discredit or promote any one specific manufacturer or seller over the other. When trying to decide on a hot stamp machine that is best suited to your needs, please take the time to consider the following: The Machine's Application - What are you planning on stamping? Poker chips, photo albums, napkins, cards etc Printing directly on to poker chips - YouTube

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Hot Stamped Poker Chips are the most affordable custom poker chips we offer. Hot Stamping is a process of heating foil and applying your custom idea to the poker chip. Customize with initials on both sides, denominations on both sides, or initials on one side and denominations on the other. Poker Chips Manufacturers in Delhi, India | Justdial Poker Chips Manufacturers in Delhi Phone Numbers, Addresses, Best Deals, Reviews. Call 08888888888 for Poker Chips Manufacturers Delhi and more | Justdial. : Custom Poker chip Set Monogrammed with your ... This set includes 500 11.5 gram chips, a sturdy aluminum chip case, 5 dice, and 2 decks of playing cards. Play poker in style with these custom printed chips. Personalized poker chips make a great gift and are perfect for your home Texas Holdem games and tournaments. Soldering Station India, Soldering Station Price ... - Sumitron

Fabulous Suited 11.5 Gram Poker Chips | AmericanGamingSupply

Poker chip sets with anywhere from 200 to 1000 poker chips in aluminum poker chip cases. You may select the chip color breakdown for each set and you can also make custom poker chips with your own initials and/or dollar200 poker chips with aluminum case - Diamond Suited 11.5 gram chips. Hot Stamping Machines Manufacturers | IQS Directory stamp machine, hot foil stamping machine, foil stamp machine, or customized hot stamping machines of every type, this is the resource for do common consumer applications such as greeting card and book covers, award ribbons, phone cards, poker chips, and many other products. Hot Stamped Poker Chip – Lazer Ladies Hot Stamped Poker Chip. Contact a Lazer Lady today! Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates, deals, and information...

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ID Card Machines - Dual-Sided Colour ID Card Printer ... Hot Foil ID Card Stamping Machine. Here we offer you an advanced Hot Foil Stamping Machine which is designed for PVC cards, such as credit cards, VIP cards, bank cards,club cards, membership cards, gift cards. Other industry usages include stamping on business card papers, leathers, soft adhesive papers, rubber, wooden products etc.It is an ... Custom Hot Stamped Poker Chip - Four I Series Custom Hot Stamped Poker Chips - 11.5 Gram Four I Chip - Letters & Denominations is available for purchase in increments of 25 Quick Overview Create an affordable personalized poker chip with custom hot stamping.

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Spartanics video of the L-350 laser cutting machine with bar code reading, lamination, slitting and more! Other converting options available. For more information, contact Spartanics +1 (847) 394-5700. Plastic Card Inspection Machine - Plastic Card Inspection Spartanics designs and manufacturers plastic card inspection machines that can monitor: bar codes, holograms, signature panels & more. Contact us today! Spartanics Announces Sale of L-350 Laser Cutting Machine to Spartanics announces sale of L-350 Laser Cutting Machine to General Label. For more information on laser cutting machines, visit or call +1(847)394-5700.

Ribbon Hot Stamping Machine - Industrial Ribbon Stamping Ribbon Printing System that is commonly used to hot stamp award ribbons, gift & packaging ribbon & many other styles of narrow web textiles & tapes. Types of Hot Stamping Foil | Hot Stamping Applications Hot Stamping Foil is an essential element of the hot stamping process. Serving the same purpose as ink or paint, foil is a thin film coated with the layer of color that will be transferred onto your product via the hot stamping process. E4-PC Thin Card Machine Resources | Malahide by Spartanics An all-electric machine, the E4-PC uses an electric motor as its power source, not pneumatics like most other hot stamping machines.